Single Person Discount review

We are currently sending letters to all residents who are getting the 25% single person discount (SPD) to check that they are still eligible for the reduction.

We know that most Single Person Discount claims are genuine, but some people are getting the discount when they are not entitled to it – perhaps because they haven’t told us that they are no longer the only adult in the property.

If you get a letter, please respond telling us your current circumstances so that we can update our records. If you don’t respond, we might stop your Single Person Discount and investigate further.

We have a duty to protect public funds, and take Council Tax fraud very seriously.

Complete your Single Person's Discount Review.

What you should do now

Confirm your current details by clicking on Single Person's Discount Review. You will need to enter your unique PIN number to access your form. You can find your PIN number on the letter we have sent to you.

If you have any questions regarding the form or require further information see our questions and answers page.

Reviewing claims for discounts

We review claims for discounts to help identify fraudulent claims among Council Tax payers who are attempting to cheat the system.

Each year local authorities nationwide receive a high volume of applications for Single Person's Discount. Sadly some people are claiming reductions in their bills falsely. We can prosecute Council Tax cheats in the same way as benefits cheats.  We can use legislation and the courts to make cheats pay back the money they owe. 

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Page last reviewed: 09 September 2021