Social value impact - procurement

To monitor social value in procurement, we currently ask the suppliers where we have the largest contracts to fill in a survey every year. We are replacing the survey with a new contract management system, which will give us better ways to track how suppliers are delivering social value. 

Social value survey background

Council Tax budget summary
Number of suppliers surveyed 100 100 50
Number of suppliers responding 37 48 37
Response rate 37% 48% 54%
Percentage of total commercial spend accounted for 35% 44% 51%
Percentage of respondents from small and medium size enterprises, charities or trusts  60% 56% 56%

Social value survey highlights

Council Tax budget summary
Social value criterion2021/222020/212019/20
Estimated number of jobs provided by respondents for Cheshire East residents 1789 3,317 3,317
Volunteer work hours provided by respondents 48,856 20,343 29,959
Employees paid living wage 89% 86.9% 85.6%
Estimated number of apprenticeships provided by respondents (not specifically for Cheshire East Council work) 2342 1,688 1,003

 Other key points from 2021 - 2022 

  • 60% of respondents were SMEs, Charities or Trusts.
  • 599 contracts awarded to SMEs in Cheshire East as a direct result of a Cheshire East Contract.
  • 5 contracts awarded to VCF sector as direct result of CE contract (1 with a value between £25k-£100k.)
  • 54% of suppliers conducted extensive checks on suppliers.
  • 43% of suppliers reduced their carbon emissions.
  • 62% are accredited or work to BS EN 14001 standard.
  • 70% of participants had an environmental policy that was evident in day-to-day activities.
  • 43% of participants have a target to be carbon neutral or carbon net zero, 9 are already potentially carbon neutral.
  • 100% of participants promoted good mental health.

These figures give us a baseline from which to work for improvements.

Page last reviewed: 04 August 2023