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Cheshire East Council Corporate Plan 2017- 2020

Cheshire East Strategic Outcomes

Cheshire East Council met and agreed the updated Corporate Plan 2017-2020.

Progress against the Plan will be monitored in quarterly reports to Cabinet, showing the performance of the Council and how priorities are being managed to achieve the best outcomes for local residents. The updated Corporate Plan has formed the basis for developing proposals within the Medium Term Financial Strategy.

The Corporate Plan sets out 6 outcomes.

Outcome 1 – Our local communities are strong and supportive

Individuals and families are self-reliant and take personal responsibility for their quality of life. Communities are cohesive, with a strong sense of neighbourliness. There is genuine civic pride and mutual respect.

Outcome 2 – Cheshire East has a strong and resilient economy

Cheshire East is the place where people mean business – investing in the building blocks that will allow business to grow, ensuring we have the right skills and promoting opportunities for investment. Working together we will create prosperity for all!

Outcome 3 – People have the life skills and education they need in order to thrive

Children and young people get a good start in life, and are prepared for the world of work. Everyone is equipped to live independent, self-sufficient lives, and to realise their particular talents and abilities.

Outcome 4 – Cheshire East is a green and sustainable place

Cheshire East’s rural and urban character is protected and enhanced through sensitive development, environmental management, transport and waste disposal policies.

Outcome 5 – People live well and for longer

Local people have healthy lifestyles and access to good cultural, leisure and recreational facilities. Care services focus on prevention, early intervention and physical and mental wellbeing..

Outcome 6 – A Responsible, Effective and Efficient Organisation

The Council serves the people of Cheshire East through: Ensuring quality and best value for local people, striving to get it right first time, and acting with integrity, being open, honest and accountable and delivering on our promises