Conversation with the leader and the deputy leader

Residents' option to submit questions in advance of a conversation with the leader and deputy leader

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming ‘Conversation with the leader and deputy leader’ – an opportunity for our residents to find out more about the council’s work, priorities and policies.

If you have a general customer service enquiry, this should be sent to us in the usual way - see our contact us page for ways to get in touch.

A selection of questions that are submitted will be put forward to the leader and deputy leader in a pre-recorded interview. This will be published on council social media channels and will be available for public viewing.

If your question is selected, your first name and town or village will be read out alongside it (subject to your agreement – see below)

Question guidelines

We welcome questions from all residents of Cheshire East, of any age, on any subject matter relating to the work, priorities, and policies of the council.

We welcome questions from representatives of Cheshire East’s diverse communities.

Questions from elected members, including MPs, borough councillors or town and parish councillors, may not be accepted through this process, as other channels are available for their questions.

Questions will only be accepted if they meet the following guidelines:

  • are related to council services, priorities and policies
  • are not abusive or defamatory
  • are not politically motivated

All questions will be subject to a review against the code of recommended practice for local authority publicity before being forwarded for answering.

Have a conversation with the leader and the deputy leader

Page last reviewed: 13 October 2023