Parish and Town Councils Election May 2011-Kettleshulme to Nantwich

Votes will be counted on Saturday 7 May 2011, the results will be posted as they are known.

Kettleshulme to Nantwich
Name of CouncilWards if applicableContested?Notice of PollPersons NominatedLink to results pages
Kettleshulme Parish Council   No   Kettleshulme (PDF, 18KB)  
Knutsford Town Council Knutsford - Over Yes Knutsford - Over NOP (PDF, 32KB) Knutsford - Over (PDF, 28KB) Knutsford Over Results
  Knutsford - Bexton Yes Knutsford - Bexton NOP (PDF, 30KB) Knutsford - Bexton (PDF, 27KB) Knutsford Bexton Results
  Knutsford - Nether No   Knutsford - Nether (PDF, 24KB)  
  Knutsford - Norbury Booths No   Knutsford - Norbury Booths (PDF, 24KB)  
Leighton Parish Council Leighton Urban No   Leighton Urban (PDF, 24KB)  
  Leighton Rural No   Leighton Rural (PDF, 24KB)  
Little Warford Parish Council   No   Little Warford (PDF, 27KB)  
Lower Peover Parish Council   No   Lower Peover (PDF, 25KB)  
Lower Withington Parish Council   No   Lower Withington (PDF, 24KB)  
Lyme Handley Parish Council   No   Lyme Handley (PDF, 22KB)  
Macclesfield Forest and Wildboarclough Parish Meeting          
Marbury Cum Quoisley Parish Council   No   Marbury Cum Quoisley (PDF, 29KB)  
Marton Parish Council   No   Marton (PDF, 27KB)  
Mere Parish Council   No   Mere, (PDF, 28KB)  
Middlewich Town Council Middlewich - Kinderton Yes Middlewich - Kinderton NOP (PDF, 32KB) Middlewich - Kinderton (PDF, 27KB) Middlewich Kinderton Results
  Middlewich - Cledford No   Middlewich - Cledford (PDF, 19KB)  
Millington Parish Council   No   Millington (PDF, 25KB)  
Minshull Vernon Parish Council   No   Minshull Vernon (PDF,18KB)  
Mobberley Parish Council   No   Mobberley (PDF, 30KB)  
Moston Parish Council   No   Moston (PDF, 29KB)  
Mottram St Andrew Parish Council   No   Mottram St Andrew (PDF, 18KB)  
  Mottram St Andrew - Newton No   Mottram St Andrew Newton (PDF, 24KB)  
Nantwich Town Council Nantwich North and West Yes Nantwich North and West NOP (PDF, 44KB) Nantwich North and West (PDF, 33KB) Nantwich North and West Results
  Nantwich South Yes Nantwich South NOP (PDF, 33KB) Nantwich South (PDF, 30KB) Nantwich South Results

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