Haslington Parish - Haslington Village Ward Election Results 2015

The number of Councillors to be elected is ten.

Haslington election results
Nominated CandidatesDescriptionVotes castElected?
ALLEN Lee  Independent 1,338 Yes
BEADLE Geoff   692 Yes
BLOOR Arleine Allegro May   637 No
CASEY Alan   703 Yes
FARRALL Doris Margaret   935 Yes
GRIFFITH Janet Labour Labour Party 1012 Yes
HOVEY Richard Graham   566 No
JOHNS Lindsay Martin Labour Labour Party 711 Yes
KERR David Michael  Independent Local Resident 852 Yes
MOLLART Helen Elizabeth  Independent - Helen For Haslington 920  Yes
MOTTRAM Stephen James Shuker   677 Yes
PEAKE Tony   850 Yes
ROTHERHAM Clive Desmond   557 No

Turnout: 71.65%

Page last reviewed: 25 April 2018