Alsager Ward

Alsager Ward is represented by 3 councillors

Results were posted on the 6 May 2011. To see who was elected, their total votes and the percentage share of the vote see the Election Results of The Alsager Ward.

Alsager ward
ASHLEY Bob Labour Labour 805  
BISHOP Simon Henley Norman Labour Labour 725  
CROMPTON Harriet Emily Weatherby Conservative Icon Conservative 1,164  
FLETCHER Rod liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 1,895 yes
HOUGH Derek Ian liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 1,760 yes
HOWELL Bill Labour Labour 947  
JONES Shirley liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 1,648 yes
LARGE Andrew William Conservative Icon Conservative 1,193  
PEERS Richard Conservative Icon Conservative 822  
ROBINSON Hilary Independent Green Party 439  

Turnout = 45.2%

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