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Alsager Ward

Alsager Ward is represented by 3 councillors


Alsager ward
Buckley, June Elizabeth liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 1340 Yes 
Dale, Jo Labour Labour Party 1082  
Deakin, Martin William Conservative The Conservative Party Candidate 920  
Fletcher, Rod liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 1457 Yes
Hawkins, Julia Labour Labour Party 919  
Helliwell, Sue Conservative The Conservative Party Candidate 1026  
Redstone, Paul Hugh Conservative The Conservative Party Candidate 799  
Robinson, Hilary Jean green-party-icon Green Party 547  
Smith, Jane Catherine Animal Welfare Party 536  
Unett, Michael James Labour Labour Party 871  
Williams, Phil liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 1297  Yes
  • Turnout = 40.69%
  • Rejected ballots = 84

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