Macclesfield Central Ward

Macclesfield Central Ward is represented by 2 councillors

Results posted on the 8 May 2015. To see who was elected, their total votes and the percentage share of the vote see the Election Results of The Macclesfield Central Ward.

Macclesfield Central Ward
BRETT Lindy green-party-icon Green  577  No
DOOLEY Beverley Anne Conservative Icon Conservative  1139  Yes

Labour Icon Labour

 1085  No
HARDY Marian Annette Conservative Icon Conservative  795  No
HOWARD Adrian Charles ukip-icon UKIP  626  No
JACKSON Janet Anne Labour Icon Labour  1289  Yes
KNIGHT John Anthony green-party-icon Green  563  No
SMITH Martin James Macclesfield First  475  No

Turnout = 58.86%

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