Crewe East Ward

Crewe East ward is represented by 3 councillors

Results were declared on the 8 of May 2015. To see who was elected, their total votes and the percentage share of the vote see the Election Results of The Crewe East Ward.

Crewe East Ward
BROOKFIELD, Suzanne Marie Labour Labour Party  2,752  Yes
CHAPMAN, Clair Labour Labour Party  2,421  Yes
ENGLISH, Melanie Ruth green-party-icon Green Party  567  
GILL, Linda Jeanne Alice Conservative Icon Conservative  1,204  
HARGREAVES, Peter Conservative Icon Conservative  1,307  
LEAT, Lawrence Charles ukip-icon UKIP  1,371  
LEPISZ, Frank Zbyszek Conservative Icon Conservative  942  
NEWTON, David Labour Labour Party  2,103  Yes
SPENCER, Christine Jean ukip-icon UKIP  1,075  
WALKLATE, Jim ukip-icon UKIP  1,087  

Turnout: 57.67%

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