Customer Experience Strategy 2021 -2024


Cheshire East Council is committed to delivering the best outcomes for the diverse range of people living and working in Cheshire East.

Our values commit us to listening to our businesses and residents, understanding their needs and providing services that meet that need.

This strategy sets out our vision to deliver against this commitment and to provide the best possible experience for our customers, whoever they are and however they contact us.

What does Customer Experience mean at Cheshire East Council

'Customer Experience’ refers not just to the services we provide as a council but also how we treat customers when they are trying to access those services. The Institute of Customer Service envisages an organisation which provides excellent customer services as:

“…honest, gives good value for money, has a high reputation, meets deadlines, has quality products and services, has easy to understand processes, responds to criticism, encourages complaints and handles them well, and demonstrates that it is passionate about customers.”

We know that we provide a wide range of services to our customers and we know that the experience will differ depending on the service accessed and the way in which it is accessed.

We also know that as a public service provider it is important that customers can trust us to design services which respond to their needs and the needs of the local area and that these are delivered in a way which provides value for their money.

Contained in the Customer Experience Strategy are two key ares:

Strategy document

You can view the full Customer Experience Strategy 2021 - 2024 (PDF, 1.3MB)

Customer Experience Strategy 2021 - 2024

Page last reviewed: 16 March 2022