Ward Profiles

The table below provides a list of the 52 wards in Cheshire East alphabetically, with links to view the latest Ward Profiles (2021 data). The data used to populate these profiles is from the Census 2021 and can be downloaded via the Office of National Statistics.

The profiles are provided in a PDF format with various charts and infographics which are not in an accessible format. The data file is available in an accessible format via the Office of National Statistics.

If you have any feedback or can't find what you are looking for please contact us via email: RandC@Cheshireeast.gov.uk.

You can find your ward using this postcode search tool. If your postcode is not yet recognised, perhaps because you live in a new property, you can identify your house and associated ward using this map.

Ward nameMap of wardMost similar groupTotal population
Alderley Edge Profile (PDF, 641KB) View map of Alderley Edge Group 3 4,893
Alsager Profile (PDF, 670KB) View map of Alsager Group 5 11,698
Audlem Profile (PDF, 654KB) View map of Audlem Group 2 4,908
Bollington Profile (PDF, 604KB) View map of Bollington Group 6 8,342
Brereton Ward Profile (PDF, 714KB) View map of Brereton Group 2 5,056
Broken Cross and Upton Profile (PDF, 706KB) View map of Broken Cross and Upton Group 5 8,993
Bunbury Profile (PDF, 642KB) View map of Bunbury Group 2 4,979
Chelford Profile (PDF, 705KB) View map of Chelford Group 2 3,864
Congleton East Profile (PDF, 641KB) View map of Congleton East Group 5 13,674
Congleton West Profile (PDF, 1.09MB) View map of Congleton West Group 5 13,157
Crewe Central Profile (PDF, 909KB) View map of Crewe Central Group 1 6,178
Crewe East Profile (PDF, 946KB) View map of Crewe East Group 1 15,432
Crewe North Profile (PDF, 940KB) View map of Crewe North Group 1 4,788
Crewe South Profile (PDF, 931KB) View map of Crewe South Group 1 11,941
Crewe St Barnabas Profile (PDF, 672KB) View map of Crewe St Barnabas Group 1 5,844
Crewe West Profile (PDF, 969KB) View map of Crewe West Group 1 10,798
Dane Valley Profile (PDF, 1MB) View map of Dane Valley Group 2 9,268
Disley Profile (PDF, 974KB) View map of Disley Group 6 4,372
Gawsworth Profile (PDF, 941KB) View map of Gawsworth Group 2 3,797
Handforth Profile (PDF, 936KB) View map of Handforth Group 4 9,377
Haslington Profile (PDF, 948KB) View map of Haslington Group 7 7,954
High Legh Profile (PDF, 941KB) View map of High Legh Group 2 4,391
Knutsford Profile (PDF, 974KB) View map of Knutsford Group 6 13,216
Leighton Profile (PDF, 937KB) View map of Leighton Group 7 5,365
Macclesfield Central Profile (PDF, 949KB) View map of Macclesfield Central Group 4 9,248
Macclesfield East Profile (PDF, 928KB) View map of Macclesfield East Group 4 4,429
Macclesfield Hurdsfield Profile (PDF, 922KB) View map of Macclesfield Hurdsfield Group 4 4,475
Macclesfield South Profile (PDF, 946KB) View map of Macclesfield South Group 4 8,346
Macclesfield Tytherington Profile (PDF, 473KB) View map of Macclesfield Tytherington Group 5 8,578
Macclesfield West and Ivy Profile (PDF, 946KB) View map of Macclesfield West and Ivy Group 4 8,107
Middlewich Profile (PDF, 934KB) View map of Middlewich Group 7 14,036
Mobberley Profile (PDF, 910KB) View map of Mobberley Group 2 4,678
Nantwich North and West Profile (PDF, 959KB) View map of Nantwich North and West Group 5 8,737
Nantwich South and Stapeley Profile (PDF, 938KB) View map ofNantwich South and Stapeley Group 5 9,174
Odd Rode Profile (PDF, 930KB) View map of Odd Rode Group 7 8,271
Poynton East and Pott Shrigley Profile (PDF, 932KB) View map of Poynton East and Pott Shrigley Group 6 7,697
Poynton West and Adlington Profile (PDF, 905KB) View map of Poynton West and Adlington Group 6 8,461
Prestbury Profile (PDF, 889KB) View map ofPrestbury Group 3 4,349
Sandbach Elworth Profile (PDF, 880KB) View map Sandbach Elworth Group 7 4,722
Sandbach Ettiley Heath and Wheelock Profile (PDF, 895KB) View map of Sandbach Ettiley Heath and Wheelock Group 7 4,622
Sandbach Heath and East Profile (PDF, 885KB) View map of Sandbach Heath and East Group 7 4,455
Sandbach Town Profile (PDF, 1MB) View map of Sandbach Town Group 5 4,796
Shavington Profile (PDF, 902KB) View map of Shavington

Group 7 3,790
Sutton Profile (PDF, 906KB) View map of Sutton Group 2 4,216
Willaston and Rope Profile (PDF, 966KB) View map of Willaston and Rope Group 5 4,688
Wilmslow Dean Row Profile (PDF, 966KB) View map of Wilmslow Dean Row Group 3 4,588
Wilmslow East Profile (PDF, 449KB) View map of Wilmslow East Group 3 4,441
Wilmslow Lacy Green Profile (PDF, 921KB) View map of Wilmslow Lacy Green Group 3 4,946
Wilmslow West and Chorley Profile (PDF, 869KB) View map of Wilmslow West and Chorley Group 3 10,134
Wistaston Profile (PDF, 937KB) View map of Wistaston Group 5 8,931
Wrenbury Profile (PDF, 971KB) View map of Wrenbury Group 2 4,626
Wybunbury Profile (PDF, 628KB) View map of Wybunbury Group 2 5,566
Cheshire East Profile - Comparative Information (PDF, 602KB) 375,400

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