Connected communities noticeboard

As a council, we want to make a positive impact on people and places in Cheshire East. We call this impact social value

We have many businesses, contractors and local voluntary groups who want to support our local community in a variety of ways. This could be through volunteer days, donations, wellbeing schemes or professional advice and skill development.

To link with an offer or request, email the Connected Communities team:

How the Connected Community notice board works.

Case studies

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Our Priorities for Social Value

  • Economic: Improve our local economy by employing local and creating partnerships with local supply chains.
  • Social: Support the Cheshire East VCFSE sector, particularly those organisations who support the most vulnerable people in our communities.
  • Environmental: Address the climate emergency and drive sustainable development by working with communities to enhance and protect our environment.

Page last reviewed: 03 February 2023