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Great ideas created by the community, for the community

Cheshire East is a fabulous place to live, work and visit, but together we can make it even better. #CheshireEastCrowd is a crowdfunding initiative to encourage, support and create community projects that will make a difference.

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How it works

You could decide to turn a little patch of waste ground into a wildlife haven, set up free and inclusive local sports activities, or turn an unloved building into a community space. In fact, we welcome any brilliant brainwaves that will benefit your local community. No idea is too big, or too small. It could be a way to combat climate change, or a quick win that will reduce local carbon emissions – whatever sparks your imagination.

Once your project goes live, people can pledge as little as £2 towards it, Cheshire East Crowd logoso everyone can be part of the Cheshire East Crowd. We’ve also invited foundations and businesses to help fast track you to your target.

This exciting initiative, in partnership with the crowdfunding platform Spacehive, will enable local people, businesses, the council and other organisations to pledge alongside each other to crowdfunding campaigns that bring your ideas to life. 

If you need any help to turn your idea into a viable crowdfunding project, we’re always here to help – just ask. Email Spacehive support or email our Community Grants team for more information.

CE Crowd UK Rural Prosperity Fund - Warmer Greener Community Buildings Fund

Levelling up and gov logo

The Rural England prosperity fund has been created for councils to deliver as part of the government's levelling-up programme. 

Funding (capital grants) will be pledged by Cheshire East Council towards projects which demonstrate investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society and community groups. (UKSPF Intervention E11).

Grants are currently available to improve the energy efficiency and save carbon in community buildings through the Warmer Greener Community Buildings Fund funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Information on how to apply can be found here: 

Fund Criteria

 To pitch for funding through the Cheshire East Crowd we will be looking for projects that:  

  •  Are based in or will benefit the residents of rural areas of Cheshire East. Access our Cheshire East Rural Map (PDF, 684KB) to find out if your area is classed as rural. Please note, there is a small amount of funding available for areas not classed as rural (Crewe, Macclesfield). If you wish to pitch for funding for one of these areas, please contact the Cheshire East community grants team to discuss further. 
  • A community building must have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) or decarbonisation plan in place
    Please note, if you do not have an EPC or a decarbonisation plan in place, you are still able to pitch for funding on the basis that you obtain one prior to the funding being released by the Council. Please contact our community grants team if you wish to discuss this further. 
  • Meet the intended objectives of the fund - Strengthening our social fabric and fostering a sense of local pride and belonging, through investment in activities that enhance physical, cultural and social ties and amenities. This includes  community infrastructure, local green space and community-led projects   
  • Are put forward by a constituted group / organisation (individuals are welcome to crowdfund on Spacehive, but are not eligible for this fund)  
  • Demonstrate a passion to make a difference within the local community
  • Improve your engagement with the community by at least 25%
  • Tackle climate change this can include- Reduce carbon emissions (eg from buildings, travel, food and waste)
    - Capture carbon through tree planting and improved green spaces for nature and the community.
    - Protect people and the environment from the effects of climate change
    - Help communities to take action against climate change through sustainable energy projects and travel
  • Bring a number of new or improved community facilities as a result of support

We will be unable to pledge funds towards:

  •  Projects which promote a political party or are of a religious nature
  • Any costs incurred in putting together an application for this fund
  • Work associated with land or building projects where the ownership or lease is not in place
  • Projects/initiatives that cannot demonstrate sustainability after the ideas stage
  • Departments within Cheshire East Council 
  • Items that are purchased on behalf of another organisation
  • Projects taking place abroad/or outside of Cheshire East 
  • Work which has already taken place and been paid for

Who can pitch for funding? 

Non for profit, voluntary and community faith sector organisations, community groups and community buildings 

Examples of projects include, but are not limited to: 

  • Capital grants for provision of net zero infrastructure for Community Buildings in both non-rural and rural communities and to support rural tourism activity, for example:
    • Energy saving behaviours & low-cost measures
      Behaviour change
      Improved monitoring
      Smart controls
      Insulating Boiler and Pipework
      Efficient lighting
      Efficient fixed appliances
      Efficient water use                                                                            
    • Building Fabric
      Wall insulation
      Roof insulation
      Floor insulation
      Windows & Doors

    • Space & Water Heating
      Efficient boiler/heating system, including heat pumps Room heaters New heating controls Point-of-use water heaters Boiler servicing and replacements Oil heating tune-ups

    • Renewable energy
      Solar panels
      Small wind turbines
      Heat Pumps
      Biomass (if appropriate)
      Grid improvements required for low carbon solutions
      Connections to renewable energy sources (excluding grid connections) 

    •  Transport
      Electric vehicle charging points
      Active travel measures
      Please note the Council will not pay for electric or ultra-low carbon vehicles themselves

  • Capital grants for kitchens in community hubs which, may also be capable of supporting food and drink entrepreneurs to get accreditation for food production. 

  • Resilience infrastructure and nature-based solutions that protect local businesses and community areas from natural hazards including flooding 

  • Provision of net zero infrastructure for rural communities and to support rural tourism

  • Power Down Units to be supplied as an item to be picked up or delivered as appropriate

  • Funding for resilience infrastructure and nature-based solutions at Community Facilities to protect the local community

Definition of a Community Building - A space for community collaboration, capacity building and bringing people together. 

Definition of a Community Facility - A public space where community gather for recreational, educational, artistic, social or cultural activities.

To apply visit our Crowdfunding page on Spacehives platform to pitch for funding through the Warmer Greener Community Buildings fund or for any other enquiries relating to the fund please contact our community grants team or Spacehive support

Organisations who want to support #CheshireEastCrowd

Is your organisation keen to support local community projects?

If you would like to get involved but are unsure where to begin, contact our community grants team.

We will explain more about how you can join us and enable #CheshireEastCrowd to grow.

Page last reviewed: 12 September 2023