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Great ideas created by the community, for the community

Cheshire East is a fabulous place to live, work and visit, but together we can make it even better. #CheshireEastCrowd is a crowdfunding initiative to encourage, support and create community projects that will make a difference.

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How it works

You could decide to turn a little patch of waste ground into a wildlife haven, set up free and inclusive local sports activities, or turn an unloved building into a community space. In fact, we welcome any brilliant brainwaves that will benefit your local community. No idea is too big, or too small. It could be a way to combat climate change, or a quick win that will reduce local carbon emissions – whatever sparks your imagination.

Once your project goes live, people can pledge as little as £2 towards it, Cheshire East Crowd logoso everyone can be part of the Cheshire East Crowd. We’ve also invited foundations and businesses to help fast track you to your target.

This exciting initiative, in partnership with the crowdfunding platform Spacehive, will enable local people, businesses, the council and other organisations to pledge alongside each other to crowdfunding campaigns that bring your ideas to life. 

If you need any help to turn your idea into a viable crowdfunding project, we’re always here to help – just ask. Email Spacehive support or email our Community Grants team for more information.

Organisations who want to support #CheshireEastCrowd

Is your organisation keen to support local community projects?

If you would like to get involved but are unsure where to begin, contact our community grants team.

We will explain more about how you can join us and enable #CheshireEastCrowd to grow.

Page last reviewed: 12 September 2023