Parking finances

Total parking income and spending 2021 to 2023

Finance type - income

finance type - income
Income type 2021 - 2022 2022 - 2023
Penalty charge notices 894,118 863,586

Pay and display - including permits for car

parks (off street)

4,222,897 4,065,592
Permits - residents (on street) 38,189 40,703
Permits - Staff (off street) 40,818 42,254
Total income 5,196,021 5,012,136

Finance type - expenditure

Finance type - expenditure
Income type2021 - 20222022 - 2023
Enforcement 728,209 635,989
Pay and display (off street) 2,089,358 2,351,811
Residents' parking (on street) 2,353 3,954
Parking services 461,887 483,395
Parking overheads 745,562 827,190
Total expenditure 4,027,369 4,302,339
Total surplus 1,168,652 709,797

We put the surplus income from parking services towards spending on highways and transport.

Annual income by car park

Parking Services annual report

The CEC Parking Strategy (PDF, 2.7MB) reflects the wider traffic management and enforcement responsibilities of authorities beyond just parking. There is a statutory duty for local authorities to publish certain parking statistics and financial information. Patrol promotes the publication of more comprehensive parking and traffic management annual reports.

An Annual Report provides an opportunity for authorities to set out clearly and transparently the, ‘what, why and how’ of their civil enforcement activities. By doing so, they will be providing the vital context around the traffic management objectives that lie beneath, which are ultimately in place to meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

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