Parking dispensations

We can sometimes allow vehicles to park where they would not normally be able to or for longer than the permitted time; this is called a parking dispensation and facilitates an authorised very short suspension of the normal parking restrictions and regulations. We must be satisfied there is a valid reason for the request, that there are no reasonable alternatives for parking and it will not cause a safety or traffic issue or disruption for our Blue Badge holders.

The fees for on street dispensations are listed below; prices will be calculated for off-street fees per vehicle or per parking bay. If dispensation is required for longer than 2 weeks/10 working days, a new application must be made at end of 10 day period and the charges will again commence from Day 1 for example  £30.00, Day 2 - £60.00 etc.

Dispensations are not required for the bridal and attendants’ vehicles at a wedding or a hearse and chief mourners’ vehicles at a funeral.

Examples where we will issue an on-street parking dispensation – this list is not exhaustive

  • for clearing drains, where jetting equipment is an integral part of the vehicle
  • for film crews, where the vehicle is essential to operate equipment
  • for glaziers, fitting windows
  • skips – a dispensation will only be granted once you have been issued with the appropriate skip licence(s)
  • scaffolding
  • Tradesperson vehicle in a resident permit zone
  • other circumstances where Cheshire East may reasonably regard the requirement to be essential

Examples where we will not issue an on-street parking dispensation

  • for tradespersons vehicle wanting access to tools/supplies - this is not essential, and you should instead unload the van and then park in a permitted area (except in a resident permit zone – see above)
  • for moving house - you can park to load and unload without a dispensation 
  • for convenient access to vehicle
  • parking in disabled bays
  • parking on zigzags, school keep clears, bus stops and taxi bays
  • where loading restrictions are in place

Examples where we will issue an off-street parking dispensation (car parks)

  • siting of portable cabin/welfare units to support construction works
  • skips
  • scaffolding
  • film crews where accommodation, technical and hospitality vehicles are needed

Parking dispensation fees

Parking fees
Per vehicle 1 £32.00
Per vehicle 2 £63.00
Per vehicle 3 £95.00
Per vehicle 4 £126.00
Per vehicle 5 £163.00
Per vehicle 6 £189.00
Per vehicle 7 £221.00
Per vehicle 8 £252.00
Per vehicle 9 £284.00
Per vehicle 10 £315.00

How to apply for a parking dispensation

To ask for a parking dispensation, email our parking team at least 2 weeks before you need the dispensation. 

Give us the following information: 

  • date dispensation required
  • vehicle details (make, model and colour)
  • vehicle registration number
  • street/address/car park where dispensation is required

You will also need to send payment. You can call us on 0300 123 5020 to make payment or send a cheque made out to Cheshire East Borough Council to:

Parking Services
Cheshire East Council
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street
CW1 2BJ 

We will then post out a dispensation pass which you must display clearly on the driver's side of the windscreen. If the pass is not clearly displayed, you may get a penalty charge notice (ticket) and you will be liable to pay the charge. For film crews where a number of dispensation may be required, an electronic version may be authorised.

We normally only give a dispensation for up to 2 weeks (10 working days). If you need it for longer, you should apply again before the first dispensation runs out.

If you no longer need the dispensation

There will be no refund for dispensations once they have started.

If the dispensation is cancelled prior to it commencing, a refund of the original fee will be issued minus £10.00 admin fee.

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Page last reviewed: 09 April 2024