Electric vehicle charging points

The following car parks have public electric vehicle charging points:

  • Princess Street, Congleton (rapid; 43Kw 63A A/C, 50Kw 125A D/C, 50Kw 165A D/C) Tethered
  • South Drive, Wilmslow (rapid; 43 Kw 63A A/C, 50KW 125A D/C, 50Kw 165A D/C) Tethered
  • Love Lane, Nantwich (rapid; 43Kw 63A A/C, 50Kw 125A D/C, 50Kw 165A D/C Tethered
  • Civic Centre/Library (underground car park) Crewe (Type 2 Fast 7.4 kVA) Untethered

Charging tariffs are displayed at each charging point. BP Pulse membership card or app needed to access charging facility on Civic Centre /Library. All other locations accept debit card /credit card payment Apple Pay and or Google Pay.

Parking is for electrical vehicles only while being charged. The charging tariff includes the parking fee, but you must only stay within the allotted time period for the charging bay.

The electric charging points at Macclesfield Town Hall, Westfields, Sandbach and Delamere House, Crewe are not for public use.

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Page last reviewed: 18 January 2022