Private Hire Vehicle Licence

A Private Hire Vehicle must be pre-booked with a licensed Private Hire Operator and cannot stand on a rank or ply for hire. Fares are not regulated and should be agreed at the time of booking. Vehicles must also:

  • display yellow plates on the front and rear of the vehicle giving details of the operator and licence number.
  • be driven by a Cheshire East licensed driver at all times, whether or not the vehicle is working.


Please note that a vehicle licence is issued to the vehicle and cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another. 

Your application should be made at our Customer Services Centre at The Town Hall, Market Square, Macclesfield or Delamere House, Delamere Street, Crewe

Vehicle fees

  • Private Hire Vehicle - £301 annual fee
  • Transfer of licensed vehicle from one person to another - One off fee of £25.63

Vehicle testing fees

  • Private Hire vehicle - £78

Operator Fees

  • Private Hire Operators Licence - £347 (5 years)

Application Evaluation Process - Vehicle Testing

Where ever you decide to make your application then you must have your vehicle tested at either Macclesfield or Crewe, the test includes MOT Exemption.

The testing centre will test your vehicle against a set of Private Hire Vehicle Test Guidelines (PDF, 134KB) as set out by the Licensing Team.

MOT Exemption

If you have a current Private Hire or Hackney Carriage vehicle licence from Cheshire East Borough Council, your vehicle may be exempt from an MoT.  This will apply to all vehicles licensed and tested by either the  Macclesfield MOT Testing Station  or those tested at Pyms Lane depot Crewe. To enable you to tax your vehicle at the Post Office without the MoT certificate you need to complete a V112 Declaration of exemption MoT testing form. Please note that you cannot tax your vehicle online.

You must carry your vehicle licence with you in the vehicle that it relates to as proof of MOT.

Vehicles that need to be licensed but don't need to display plates

To apply for exemption on your Private Hire vehicle you must use the same Private Hire vehicle application form but tick where applicable to say that you are applying for exemption, you will be required to produce a business case which must be submitted along with the application form.

Vehicles Exempt from Licensing

Vehicles used solely for weddings and funerals remain exempt from licensing. Any vehicle proprietor or operator who is in any doubt about whether vehicles need to be licensed should discuss this with the licensing service and, if necessary, seek independent legal advice.

Vehicle Licence Plate Transfer or Cancellation

Should you wish to transfer a vehicle licence to another person, you must complete the Vehicle Licence Plate Transfer/Cancellation form (MS Word, 52KB).  The completed form should be given to the person you wish to transfer the vehicle licence to, with a copy to Cheshire East Council Licensing Department for information.  The person who the vehicle licence is being transferred to must complete a Private Hire Vehicle application form and include with it the Vehicle Licence Plate Transfer/Cancellation form, completed by the person who is transferring the licence, a valid certificate of insurance and the V5 document or a document as proof of sale of the vehicle and the fee of £25.63.

The Vehicle Licence Plate Transfer/Cancellation form may also be completed if the Vehicle Licence is to be surrendered. 

The surrender of Vehicle Licence Plates is free of charge.

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