Site TS 1: Lorry park, off Mobberley Road, Knutsford

The lorry park, off Mobberley Road, is allocated for three Travelling Showperson plots. Development proposals for the site must:

  1. retain the existing hedgerows and incorporate a comprehensive landscaping scheme that provides for appropriate boundary treatments;
  2. demonstrate through a noise impact assessment that external and internal noise impacts can be acceptably minimised through appropriate mitigation;
  3. undertake a phase 1 and 2 contaminated land assessment;
  4. provide a buffer from the existing recycling centre to achieve an acceptable level of residential amenity for prospective residents, including in terms of noise and disturbance; and
  5. use permeable materials as replacement hardstanding, where required, and provide a drainage strategy to manage surface run-off from the site.

Supporting information 

12.113  The site is allocated to meet the accommodation needs of Travelling Showpeople. Occupation of any development will be restricted to persons complying with the definition of Travelling Showpeople, and conditions will be imposed to permanently govern the occupation of the site.

12.114  A noise impact assessment should be prepared to consider the impact from aircraft noise and the adjacent waste recycling centre. A phase 1 and 2 contaminated land assessment is required due to its proximity to Shaw Heath Landfill site.

12.115  The site should provide appropriate contributions to local health facilities, where identified as necessary by the local clinical commissioning group.

12.116  No commercial activities shall take place on the land, including the storage and sorting of materials, other than as necessary for the use as a Travelling Showpersons site. Travelling Showperson plots should avoid conflict between vehicles and residents through an appropriate layout of the site.

12.117  Any development would need to make sure that prospective occupiers would enjoy an acceptable level of residential amenity, including in terms of noise and odour. Amenity issues in respect of the maintenance of equipment and other matters should be suitably addressed through planning conditions.

12.118  There is an expectation of adequate on-site essential services and utilities being provided, in line with the principles set out in SADPD Policy HOU 7 'Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson site principles' and LPS Policy SC 7 ‘Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople’.

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