Policy INF 1: Cycleways, bridleways and footpaths

  1. Development proposals that would lead to the loss or degradation of a public right of way (such as a footpath, cycleway or bridleway) or a permissive path (such as a canal towpath) will not be permitted.
  2. Development proposals that involve the diversion of cycleways, footpaths or bridleways will only be permitted where the diversion is no less convenient than the existing route.
  3. Development proposals should seek to contribute positively to:
    1. the Cheshire East Cycling Strategy;
    2. the Cheshire East Rights of Way Improvement Plan Strategy and Implementation Plans; and
    3. the walking, cycling and public transport objectives of the Cheshire East Local Transport Plan.
  4. Development proposals should seek, where feasible, to provide links to national cycle routes, long-distance footpaths, canal towpaths and rights of way networks.
  5. Design and access statements must be accompanied by maps showing links to community facilities and existing public rights of way as per the Active Design guide principle in the Cheshire East Borough Design Guide supplementary planning document.

Supporting information

10.2 National planning policy highlights that the transport system needs to be balanced in favour of sustainable transport modes, giving people a real choice about how they travel. It also says that planning policies should protect and enhance public rights of way and access. Local authorities should seek opportunities to provide better facilities for users, for example by adding links to existing rights of way networks, including national trails. Maximising sustainable transport opportunities supports active lifestyles, well-being and, therefore, good health.

10.3 The diversion or stopping up of a public footpath, bridleway or other public road in association with a planning application must be considered before the granting of planning permission.

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