Policy ENV 5: Landscaping

Where appropriate, development proposals must include and implement a landscape scheme that:

  1. responds sympathetically to topography, landscape features and existing green and blue infrastructure networks to help integrate the new development into the existing landscape;
  2. enhances the quality, setting and layout design of the development;
  3. achieves an appropriate balance between the open space and built form of development;
  4. provides effective screening to neighbouring uses where appropriate;
  5. utilises plant species that are in sympathy with the character of the area and, in line with Policy ENV 7 'Climate change', takes account of the need for climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  6. makes satisfactory provision for the maintenance and aftercare of the scheme to make sure it reaches maturity and thereafter; and
  7. reflects the outcome of any ecological assessment.

Supporting information

4.32 LPS Policy SE 4 'The landscape' looks at the landscape in general, specifies criteria to be met by development proposals and deals with local landscape designations. LPS Policy SE 6 'Green infrastructure' deals with the borough’s green infrastructure assets that, linked together, create Cheshire East’s unique landscape.

4.33 Any residential development proposals should take full account of the Cheshire East Borough Design Guide supplementary planning document.

4.34 Recognising their ecological and amenity value and the role that they can play in climate change mitigation and adaptation, where appropriate, landscaping schemes should incorporate suitable tree planting which takes account of the site’s location and conditions and reflects the function of the new trees (for example, woodland, screen belt, formal avenue, etc.)

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