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If you need support to help you to remain independent, a personal assistant can carry out a wide range of tasks for you.

This could include help to get dressed, cook, or supporting you to get out and about. You can arrange this type of support using a personal budget that may be allocated to you following the outcome of an assessment of your needs.

By having a personal assistant, you can ensure that your individual needs are being met and will help you to remain independent and participate fully in your local community.

You will be able to choose when, how and by whom your care is provided.

If you use a Direct Payment to employ a personal assistant you'll become an employer and will have to follow employment laws. Advice and guidance on how you employ your own personal assistant is contained in the direct payment fact sheet.

Care Finder

If you are a self-funder or a personal budget holder, you can find care and support providers using Care Finder, the online tool to help you source your own care services.

Find out more by visiting the Care Finder information page.

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