Support for carers of adults

There are many different local support services available in Cheshire East to help you in your caring role, and that meet the needs of the cared for person. Carers have many different needs and there is support, advice and activities available to meet these needs, including:

  • health and wellbeing support and activities
  • financial support
  • carer breaks and carer respite
  • relaxation activities
  • carer support groups
  • carer training and employment
  • advice on managing someone else’s affairs.

The council of the person you care for can help you find the right support and you can ask them for a carer’s assessment.

Carers UK have produced the some helpful booklets.

Further help and information is available:

The right help at the right time

A carers assessment will identify any needs you have as a carer, or the support you may need in relation to your caring role. If you have eligible support needs, a support plan will be produced which will set out how the carers needs can be met. You can choose to have a direct payment and use the money that you receive from us to arrange your own support.