Assessing our local SEN sufficiency

We have completed a sufficiency statement (PDF, 2.9MB) of our educational provision for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) to:

  • assess the needs of our children and young people in Cheshire East
  • evaluate how well our current provision meets young people’s needs, and identify any gaps
  • support us to plan how we will continue to develop our provision over a three year period starting in 2017-18 so that we can achieve the best outcomes for our children and young people.

The 0-25 SEND Partnership and Cheshire East Council are committed to providing the best quality education and support for all our children and young people to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes. Having the right educational placement is key to supporting children and young people to achieve their potential and to develop the range of skills and experiences they need to equip them for adulthood.

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