Policy RET 2: Planning for retail needs

Retail convenience and comparison floorspace need arising in the borough over the remaining plan period up to 2030 will be met principally through:

  1. the delivery of sites allocated in the LPS that include an element of retailing to meet local needs;
  2. further retail development in central Crewe and central Macclesfield, on sites in town centre boundaries; and
  3. the delivery of allocated Site LPS 47 'Snow Hill, Nantwich'.

Supporting information

9.8 The Cheshire East Retail Partial Study Update (2020) identifies no need for additional comparison goods floorspace in the borough up to 2030. The study identifies the following need for convenience floorspace at a town level.

Table 9.2 Need for convenience floorspace capacity at a town level up to 2030
  Convenience goods floorspace capacity Min sq.mConvenience goods floorspace capacity Max sq.m
Crewe 0 0
Macclesfield 2,300 2,700
Alsager 0 0
Congleton 1,300 1,600
Handforth 0 0
Knutsford 3,600 4,300
Middlewich 2,000 2,400
Nantwich 1,700 2,100
Poynton 0 0
Sandbach 100 200
Wilmslow 0 0

9.9 The Cheshire East Retail Study Partial Update (2020) recognises that expenditure growth forecasts in the longer term (and certainly beyond the next ten years) should be treated with caution given the inherent uncertainties in predicting the economy’s performance over time and the pattern of future trading. Therefore, retail assessments will be reviewed on a regular basis in order to make sure that forecasts over the medium and long term are reflective of any changes to relevant available data.

9.10 The need is expected to be met principally through the incremental development of allocated sites in the LPS, where such sites will incorporate an element of retail floorspace as part of their mixed-use development. Site LPS 47 'Snow Hill, Nantwich' includes support for appropriate retailing, including opportunities for small, independent retailers in that allocation.

9.11 In line with their status as principal town centres, additional retail development will also be steered to the town centres of Crewe and Macclesfield. An example of this is the Royal Arcade scheme in Crewe town centre; a leisure-led, mixed use scheme that is expected to incorporate an element of retail use.

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