Policy PG 9: Settlement boundaries

  1. Settlement boundaries for principal towns, key service centres and local service centres are defined on the adopted policies map. Where a neighbourhood plan defines a settlement boundary for a principal town, key service centre or local service centre, the council will apply the most recent settlement boundary, where relevant.
  2. Settlement boundaries for settlements in the other settlements and rural areas may be defined in neighbourhood plans, where this is justified as appropriate footnote 2). Where the settlement is defined as an infill village in Policy PG 10 'Infill villages', the village infill boundary should be the starting point for determining a settlement boundary in a neighbourhood plan.
  3. Within settlement boundaries, development proposals (including change of use) will be supported where they are in keeping with the scale, role and function of that settlement and do not conflict with any other relevant policy in the local plan.

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2.6  The purpose of defining settlement boundaries is to assist in directing built development towards the most suitable and sustainable locations across the borough with respect to LPS Policy PG 2 'Settlement hierarchy' and to define the intended relationship between settlements and the countryside beyond.

2.7  The open countryside is defined as the area outside of any settlement with a defined settlement boundary, where LPS Policy PG 6 'Open countryside' will apply.

2.8  Infill boundaries are defined on the adopted policies map. Policy PG 10 'Infill villages' sets out the approach to the definition and application of infill boundaries in the borough.

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(Footnote 2) At the time of adoption of the SADPD, Calveley and Weston have settlement boundaries defined in neighbourhood plans, which will apply under this policy. In consultation with Brereton Parish Council, the settlement boundaries for Brereton Green and Brereton Heath defined in the Brereton Neighbourhood Plan are not brought forward to be covered by this policy. Under the SADPD, Brereton Green and Brereton Heath do not have defined settlement boundaries, but Brereton Green is defined as an infill village in Policy PG 10 'Infill villages', with a village infill boundary defined on the adopted policies map. 

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