Policy PG 8: Development at local service centres

The local service centres are expected to accommodate in the order of 7ha of employment land and 3,500 new homes. It is expected that the housing element will be addressed by windfall going forward, in line with other policies in the local plan, and the employment element will include an allocation at Holmes Chapel (Site HCH 1 'Land east of London Road') as well as windfall in line with other policies in the local plan.

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2.3 LPS Policy PG 2 ‘Settlement hierarchy’ defines the settlement hierarchy, which includes principal towns, key service centres, local service centres, and other settlements and rural areas.

2.4 LPS Policy PG 7 ‘Spatial distribution of development’ sets indicative levels of development by settlement for principal towns and key service centres. It also sets an overall indicative level of development for local service centres (in the order of 7 ha of employment land and 3,500 new homes) and other settlements and rural areas (in the order of 69 ha of employment land and 2,950 new homes).

2.5 Paragraph 8.77 of the LPS confirms that the overall indicative level for local service centres will be disaggregated to individual local service centres through the SADPD and/or neighbourhood plans. The ‘Provision of housing and employment land and the approach to spatial distribution’ report [ED 05] sets out the level of completed and committed development at each local service centre at 31 March 2020 and takes account of the allocation of land for employment development at Recipharm, Holmes Chapel. In addition to the level of development set out against each local service centre, it is expected that there will be further windfall development during the remainder of the plan period, where such schemes are consistent with policies in the local plan.

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