Policy GEN 6: Manchester Airport public safety zones

In the airport public safety zones as defined on the adopted policies map, there is a general presumption against new development, including changes of use and extensions to existing properties, except for development listed as ‘Development permissible within PSZs’ in the Department for Transport’s policy paper ‘Control of development in airport public safety zones’ or any replacement guidance.

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3.31  Public safety zones are designated areas of land at the end of runways at major airports, in which development is restricted so that there should be no increase in the number of people living, working or congregating in public safety zones and that, over time, the number should be reduced as circumstances allow. Public safety zones have been defined at the ends of Manchester Airport’s runways and consist of an inner public safety restricted zone and an outer public safety controlled zone.

3.32  Within the public safety zones, there is a general presumption against development unless it is an exception specified in the Department for Transport policy paper ‘Control of development in airport public safety zones’. Within the inner public safety restricted zones, the airport operator is also expected to purchase and remove residential and commercial properties.

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