Policy GEN 5: Aerodrome safeguarding

Development that would adversely affect the operational integrity or safety of any officially safeguarded civil aerodrome or associated aerodrome navigation aids, radio aids or telecommunications systems will not be permitted.

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3.26  The aerodrome safeguarding zones for Manchester Airport are defined on safeguarding maps authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority and issued by the safeguarding authority/airport licence holder. Their purpose is to define certain types of development that require prior consultation with the safeguarding authority or National Air Traffic Services Ltd in order for them to assess the implications of these developments for the safe operation of aircraft using the airport and its airspace. Government advice in ODPM Circular 1/2003 ‘Advice to Local Planning Authorities on Safeguarding Aerodromes and Military Explosives Storage Areas’ sets out the detailed guidance on how safe and efficient operations can be secured.

3.27  In accordance with this circular, Manchester Airport is a statutory consultee for certain planning applications for developments that require safeguarding to protect the safety of the airport’s operation.

3.28  The safeguarding authority for Manchester Airport will assess planning applications and consider their impact on whether the development causes: an obstacle; an attraction to birds; any light or reflection that might be confused with or interfere with aerodrome lighting or present a visual hazard; interference with communication systems including radar systems and ground to air communication and whether its construction will present any hazard to flight safety.

3.29  In addition, the outer limits of safeguarding zones for Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Hawarden (Chester) Airport extend into parts of the borough, within which the airport operators for these civil aerodromes are statutory consultees for wind turbine development.

3.30  As required by Circular 1/2003, the current outer boundary of the safeguarding zones is shown on the adopted policies map. These boundaries may be subject to future review and amendment.

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