Policy ENV 8: District heating network priority areas

  1. The areas within the settlement boundaries of Crewe and Macclesfield, as defined by the adopted polices map, are identified as district heating network priority areas.
  2. The requirements of Criterion 3 of LPS Policy SE 9 ‘Energy efficient development’ apply to development in district heating network priority areas or in large scale development elsewhere.

Supporting information

4.52  LPS Policy SE 9 ‘Energy efficient development’ states that the SADPD will identify district heating priority areas.

4.53  In line with the Cheshire East Energy Framework (2015), the council is undertaking heat network feasibility work for two principal towns in the borough: Crewe and Macclesfield. This work is continuing through the European Local Energy Assistance programme. These are the areas with the highest potential for heat networks, with high heat density as identified in the national heat map (2010-2018). It is anticipated that this work will be extended to other areas of the borough during the life of the plan, which will be addressed in subsequent plan reviews.

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