Policy ENV 3: Landscape character

  1. Development proposals should respect the qualities, features and characteristics that contribute to the distinctiveness of the local area, as described in the Cheshire East Landscape Character Assessment (2018) or subsequent update, taking into account any cumulative effects alongside any existing, planned or committed development.
  2. The areas listed below are designated as Local Landscape Designations and are defined on the adopted policies map. They represent the highest quality and most valued landscapes in the area of the borough covered by the Cheshire East Local Plan. In line with LPS Policy SE 4 ‘The landscape’, development that is likely to have an adverse effect on their special qualities as described in the Cheshire East Local Landscape Designation Review (2018) should be avoided.
    1. Bollin Valley;
    2. Rostherne/Tatton Park;
    3. Arley, Tabley and Holford Estatelands;
    4. Alderley Edge and West Macclesfield Wooded Estates;
    5. Peak Fringe;
    6. Dane Valley;
    7. Peckforton and Bickerton Hills;
    8. Cholmondeley, Marbury and Combermere Estatelands; and
    9. Audlem/Buerton.

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4.17  Planning decisions should take into account the different roles and character of different areas, and recognise the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside to make sure that development is suitable for the local context. All of Cheshire East’s landscapes are of value and enjoyed for their ecological, recreational, agricultural, cultural, conservation and aesthetic aspects. The council will seek to conserve and enhance the diversity of landscape character and make sure that any development respects local landscape character.

4.18  The Cheshire East Landscape Character Assessment identifies 14 landscape character types. Each of the landscape types has a distinct and relatively homogenous character with similar physical and cultural attributes. The landscape types are sub-divided into component local landscape character areas. These are discrete geographical areas that possess the common characteristics described for the landscape type. Each character area has a distinct and recognisable local identity.

4.19  Proposals will be assessed in relation to the landscape character type in terms of the following:

4.20  Proposals will also be assessed in relation to local landscape character area profiles.

4.21  The Cheshire East Landscape Character Assessment (2018) contains a useful user guide (Figure 1.2 on page 6 of the document). It is arranged around a number of key stages, setting out a series of questions as prompts to make sure the landscape evidence can be used to shape proposals and assist in planning decisions. 

4.22  LPS Policy SE 4 ‘The landscape’ looks at the landscape in general, specifies criteria to be met by development proposals and deals with local landscape designations. Local landscape designation areas are shown on the adopted policies map. These reflect the findings of the Cheshire East Local Landscape Designation Review (2018). Chapter 4 of the Review includes a Statement of Significance for each Local Landscape Designation area, describing its special qualities.

4.23  LPS Policy SE 6 'Green infrastructure' deals with the borough’s green infrastructure assets that, linked together, create Cheshire East’s unique landscape. Criterion 1 of that policy describes these assets that relate to the various landscape character types.

4.24  Neighbourhood plans may provide more detail at the local level regarding landscape character.

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