Site LPS 46: Kingsley Fields, Nantwich

The development of Kingsley Fields over the Local Plan Strategy period will be achieved through:

  1. The delivery of up to 1,100 new homes (with varying actual densities around the site);
  2. A new mixed-use local centre for local needs including:
    1. Convenience retail unit of not more than 400 square metres;
    2. A further 3 retail units of not more than 100 square metres each and not more than 300 square metres in total;
    3. B1 office uses;
    4. Public house; and
    5. Community hall;
  3. The provision of a site for a new primary school within the development or a financial contribution towards providing educational facilities;
  4. The delivery of a new highway link to Waterlode and the re-alignment of the A51 through the site;
  5. The delivery of up to 2 hectares of B1 uses (business);
  6. Incorporation of green infrastructure, including:
    1. An extension of the riverside park between Reaseheath College and the town centre, including both the floodplain and the valley shoulder, with substantial native woodland tree planting on the higher land, above the floodplain; the area adjacent to the river should be treated as a wetland landscape buffer zone, with public access, including formal footpaths and cycle ways;
    2. Allotments;
    3. Open space provision, including sports pitches; multi-use games area; children's equipped play space; outdoor gym and facilities for teenagers;
    4. Land to remain undeveloped to the west of the River Weaver, as shown on Figures 15.54 and 15.55, to include public access to the immediate riverside.

Site Specific Principles of Development

  1. Incorporation of existing mature trees and hedgerows in potential development.
  2. Improvements to existing and the provision of new pedestrian and cycle links to new and existing residential areas, employment areas, shops, education and health facilities. This may involve the need to provide new crossing points over the River Weaver. Cycle routes should ensure that the site and Reaseheath College are connected to the Connect 2 Greenway route (this may be partly achieved by contributions).
  3. The provision of contributions towards the highway improvements, including at Burford Cross Roads, the realignment of the A51 and link between A51 and Waterlode and contribution to improvements to Alvaston Roundabout.
  4. The provision of contributions towards public transport improvements.
  5. The provision of contributions to health infrastructure.
  6. A desk based archaeological assessment, with further work and mitigation being carried out as required as the overall archaeological potential of the site is considered to be high.
  7. Every opportunity should be made to increase the understanding and appreciation of the significance of the scheduled battlefield and its setting footnote 90 and the site's archaeological potential.  This should be reflected in the masterplanning and design of the site, including in terms of roads, views, landscaping and open spaces. The design must also seek to minimise and mitigate any adverse impact on the Reaseheath Conservation Area.
  8. The creation of green spaces linking green infrastructure and safe and secure pedestrian and cycle routes should be integrated into any development proposals.
  9. Retention of the floodplain of the River Weaver; a large area of the site lies within the floodplain of the River Weaver which needs to be protected from development.
  10. The extension of the Nantwich Riverside Park and the creation of a Riverside Walk, from the southern edge of the site, to Beam Bridge, to link with the countryside beyond.
  11. The preservation of views towards local landmarks e.g. St Mary's Church Tower and Acton Church Tower.
  12. The development should provide compensatory habitat for great crested newts and other protected and priority species and habitats on the site.
  13. The Local Plan Strategy site is expected to provide affordable housing in line with the policy requirements set out in Policy SC 5 'Affordable Homes'.
  14. A minimum of a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land should be carried out to demonstrate that the site is, or could be made, suitable for use should it be found to be contaminated.  Further work, including a site investigation, may be required at a pre-planning stage, depending on the nature of the site.
  15. A site specific Flood Risk Assessment  would be required to demonstrate that the proposed development would be safe from fluvial flooding and would not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere.
  16. Ensure that the masterplanning and design of the site incorporates the retention and integration of the most important buildings within the non-designated heritage asset of Henhull Hall Farm.


15.518 The provision of new green infrastructure and the improvement of existing green infrastructure are of paramount importance. This will assist in improving the health and wellbeing of residents and those working within the town, as well as enhancing the environment of the town.

15.519 Nantwich Riverside lies adjacent to the eastern boundary of the site and is a key green / blue infrastructure asset to the town. Appropriate landscaping and open space will be provided and this will be integrated with development proposals throughout the site.

15.520 The site will provide an extension to the Nantwich Riverside Park which is an important recreational asset to the town. The site includes an area of floodplain which will be incorporated within the Nantwich Riverside Park. The Cheshire East Greenspace Strategy includes further reference to the Nantwich Riverside Park.

15.521 The Connect 2 Greenway route will also be linked to this site, providing a sustainable link to other parts of Nantwich and to Crewe.

15.522 Immediately to the west of the site lies the site of the Nantwich Civil War battlefield, included on English Heritage's Register of Battlefields. The northern part of the allocated site includes part of Reaseheath Conservation Area. These heritage assets will be protected and enhanced through an appropriate landscaping, design and heritage assessment.  The part of the allocated site within Reaseheath Conservation Area is not significantly affected by the current application.  Any development proposals within the conservation area must be of a very high standard, reflecting their location.

15.523 The site has high archaeological potential which will be explored further, through assessment and mitigation work, as required.

15.524 The site will enhance accessibility to key facilities; the town centre and the Connect 2 Greenway for pedestrians and cyclists.

15.525 The delivery of a new highway link to Waterlode and the re-alignment of the A51 will seek to improve the surrounding highway network and lessen the amount of traffic within the Reaseheath Conservation Area.

15.526 This site has planning approval for 1,100 dwellings, up to 1.82 hectares of class B1 business use, potential primary school, community facilities, local centre, allotments and open space (ref 13/2471N), 20/01/16.

15.527 Any replacement and/or new sports provision should be in accordance with an adopted up to date and robust Playing Pitch Strategy and Indoor Sports Strategy and with Policy SC 2 ‘Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities’.

15.528 The site has potential for contamination to be present and therefore at least a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land needs to be carried out to ensure that any contamination that is present is subject to appropriate remediation.

15.529 Compensatory habitat for any protected and priority species and habitats on the site should be included within any development proposals for the site.

15.530 Flood Maps show Flood Zones 2 and 3 affecting the eastern boundary of this site. It is important that a Flood Risk Assessment is carried out.

15.531 To reflect the conclusions of the Heritage Impact Assessment of this site, the masterplanning and design of the site needs to incorporate the retention and integration of the most important buildings within the non-designated heritage asset of Henhull Hall Farm.

Indicative Site Delivery

(Footnote 90) The setting of the scheduled battlefield being the surroundings within which the asset is experienced. This isn’t constrained to the visual relationship with the asset but could also be how a piece of land or area contributes toward historical understanding of the events that influenced the battle and its location. 

Policy information


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