Safeguarded Land LPS 19: South West Macclesfield

  1. 95.7 hectares of safeguarded land

Site Specific Principles of Development

Provision of sufficient areas of open space to the south and east of Hollyhedge Farmhouse to maintain its open rural setting;Provision of a substantial landscaped edge to the south/south east of the development parcel immediately to the south of the railway line (on the opposite side of Main Road to Hollyhedge Farm).  This should combine a mix of copse and individual tree planting contained by a new native hedgerow.  At the point nearest Hollyhedge Farm in the south eastern corner, a copse should be created.  It should include woodland planting on the western edge of the parcel, tying in with the woodland buffer of the Basford East site; Provision of open space and appropriate parkland landscaping alongside the access/drive and to the south of Crewe Hall Farmhouse and associated barnProvision of an area of greenspace to the east of Stowford hamlet, retaining the existing pond, trees and other positive planting as a key space within the development; 


15.251 Paragraph 85 of the NPPF requires authorities to identify safeguarded land to meet longer-term development needs beyond the plan period.

15.252 Located to the south west of Macclesfield, the site is well connected to the existing urban edge of the settlement and well connected to the highways network in the southern part of the town.

Policy information


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