Strategic Location LPS 1: Central Crewe

Within the Strategic Location identified as Central Crewe, the council will look to maximise opportunities for improvement and regeneration incorporating the introduction of new and the improvement of existing green infrastructure. The regeneration and development of Central Crewe over the Local Plan Strategy period will be achieved through:

  1. The delivery of new homes (at approximately 40 dwellings per hectare, including both apartments and family homes);
  2. The provision of comparison retail and leisure, including at least 1 anchor store and a large scale leisure use within the town centre boundary (as defined in the Crewe and Nantwich Local Plan and its eventual replacement in the Site Allocations and Development Policies Development Plan Document);
  3. Support for the delivery of student accommodation, as appropriate;
  4. Provision of other commercial uses including office;
  5. Support for an enhanced cultural offer, in particular around the Lyceum Theatre;
  6. Support for 24 hour town centre uses, including restaurants and cafés/bars;
  7. Support of multi-use facilities that drive footfall generation and introduce a diversity of uses within the town centre;
  8. The incorporation of new, and improvements to existing, green infrastructure within new developments to include increased tree planting; the creation of tree lined boulevards; the creation of green spaces; the provision of children's play areas and the provision of pedestrian and cycle links between new and existing developments;
  9. Appropriately sited, rationalised and improved car parking to support town centre uses and the local economy;
  10. A bus interchange with covered areas and public conveniences;
  11. Promotion of the market with a unique theme;
  12. A focus for Civic functions;
  13. Provision of new car parking, signage, concourse, public transport interchange and improved station facilities (including ancillary development relating to its use) at Crewe Railway Station;
  14. Up to 5,000 square metres of retail on Mill Street and the creation of pedestrian and cycle links to the railway station and the town centre;
  15. Potential leisure development and expansion of the existing sports and leisure hub at Crewe Alexandra Football Club on Gresty Road;
  16. Provision of Flag Lane link to improve access and permeability of the town;
  17. Corridor improvements on Earle Street from Grand Junction Way to Vernon Way;
  18. Improvements to the wider highway network, including the A534 Nantwich Road Corridor and specifically in relation to the access to Crewe Railway Station;
  19. Improvements to Crewe Railway Station, including the development of adjacent land for complementary uses, to improve connectivity at this major communications hub; and
  20. A minimum of a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land should be carried out to demonstrate that the site is, or could be made, suitable for use should it be found to be contaminated. Further work, including a site investigation, may be required at a pre-planning stage, depending on the nature of the site.

Site Specific Principles of Development

  1. The creation of stronger physical connections between the town centre, the railway station and Grand Junction including the provision of better transport information between the town centre and railway station.
  2. The promotion of development which capitalises on and enhances Crewe Railway Station's position as a major communications hub.
  3. The encouragement of landmark developments of an appropriate design in particular at Macon Way to reflect this prominent location. This should include offices or other commercial uses (not retail).
  4. New buildings should be of a high design quality and respond to Crewe's railway heritage and contemporary living. The new development should sensitively retain and incorporate any heritage buildings and/or structures within them.
  5. Provision of green infrastructure to reflect 'The Green Infrastructure Action Plan for Crewe' (TEP, 2012) including tree planting; the creation of tree lined boulevards with the provision of greenspaces within new developments. The creation of green spaces including those linking green infrastructure and safe and secure pedestrian and cycle routes should be integrated into any development proposals.
  6. Investigate potential of land contamination.
  7. Provision of new, and improvements to existing pedestrian, cycle and public transport links between existing and proposed residential areas, employment, commercial and leisure areas, schools and health facilities and within the town centre itself.
  8. Depending on the location within the town, a cultural heritage desk based assessment of the surviving fabric of the 19th Century railway town and its industrial heritage may be required; proposals should also demonstrate that redevelopment proposals will conserve elements that contribute to listed buildings status and their setting.
  9. Financial contributions towards education provision, highway improvements and health infrastructure as required.
  10. There are three Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) within the site at Earle Street, Nantwich Road and Wistaston Road. Development proposals will need to include appropriate mitigation measures if they are located within these AQMAs or could have an adverse impact upon them.


Figure 15.2 Central Crewe Strategic Location

Figure 15.2 Central Crewe Strategic Location


15.28 Central Crewe presents a unique opportunity to regenerate under-exploited assets and provide a strong mix of uses.

15.29 The area includes a significant number of listed and locally-listed buildings. Crewe's railway heritage is of regional, if not national significance. It is of paramount important that such buildings are retained and sensitively incorporated within any new developments.

15.30 The provision of new green infrastructure and the improvement of existing green infrastructure are of paramount importance. This will assist in improving the health and well-being of residents and those working within the town, as well as enhancing the environment of the town and reflects the findings of the Green Infrastructure Action Plan for Crewe (TEP, 2012) and will also help deliver the 'All Change for Crewe' vision.

15.31 The focus on Central Crewe in the Local Plan Strategy will be on re-establishing the town centre, improving its vitality and viability and improving connectivity between the railway station and town centre. The changes set out above will provide a catalyst for future investment, promoting a series of infill developments whilst addressing the potential to rationalise car parking provision in the town centre.

15.32 This development area supports the 'All Change for Crewe' initiative to enhance the attractiveness of Crewe as a place to live and work, develop underutilised sites and improve the town's public image.

15.33 Ongoing improvements to Crewe Railway Station with complementary retail, commercial and leisure uses will support the role of the railway station as a key transport interchange.

15.34 Highway improvements along the A534 Nantwich Road corridor and specifically in relation to the access to Crewe Railway Station are fundamental, to ensure that the highway network can cope with future developments.

15.35 The introduction of residential accommodation will support and enhance the town centre, improving natural surveillance and the vitality of the night time economy. It will also support the wider aspirations of creating better, safer and improved links between the railway station and the town centre.

15.36 New residential development can assist in promoting the connections between the town centre and the railway station, as well as improving the approach to the town from the south-east and the north-west. The introduction of further residential development in this area will also deliver a balance of uses which are essential to successful urban environments, as well as a catalyst for transforming the quality of streets and public spaces.

15.37 The town centre boundary along with the identification of primary and secondary frontages will be further defined in the Site Allocations and Development Policies Document. Until this time the town centre boundary will remain as identified in the Crewe and Nantwich Local Plan.

15.38 There is a current planning permission on Mill Street (P07/0639) for mixed use development comprising residential, employment and retail, new pedestrian / cycle link and associated car parking, landscaping, servicing and access.

15.39 Any replacement and/or new sports provision should be in accordance with an adopted up to date and robust Playing Pitch Strategy and Indoor Sports Strategy and with Policy SC 2 ‘Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities’.

15.40 Three AQMAs lie within the site and therefore any development proposals need to ensure that air quality does not deteriorate, as a result of development taking place. Appropriate mitigation measures will therefore be required where sites are located within them/would have an adverse impact upon them.

15.41 The site has potential for contamination to be present therefore at least a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land needs to be carried out to ensure that any contamination that is present is subject to appropriate remediation.

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