Policy EG 4: Tourism

  1. The Local Plan Strategy will protect and enhance the unique features of Cheshire East that attract visitors to the area, including their settings, whilst encouraging investment. This will be achieved through:
    1. The protection of Cheshire East's tourist assets, such as Tatton Park, Quarry Bank Mill, Little Moreton Hall, Macclesfield Silk Museum, Jodrell Bank, the Peak District National Park (adjoining the plan area), Alderley Edge, the Gritstone Trail, Tegg’s Nose Country Park, Sandstone Ridge and the waterways that support appropriate sustainable tourist related development;
    2. Protecting visitor attraction sites;
    3. Promoting the enhancement and expansion of existing visitor attractions and tourist accommodation, and the provision of new visitor and tourism facilities, in sustainable and appropriate locations;
    4. Encouraging sustainable transport to tourist and cultural sites;
    5. Encouraging and promoting opportunities for new tourist attractions in the historic and natural environment in sustainable and appropriate locations; and
    6. Improving access to our natural and historic landscapes through enhancing our vital public rights of way network
  2. Proposals for tourist development of an appropriate scale, including attractions and tourist accommodation, will be supported within the Principal Towns and Key Service Centres.
  3. Proposals for tourist development outside the Principal Towns and Key Service Centres will be supported where:
    1. Either:
      1. They are located within a Local Service Centre; or
      2. They are located within an existing or replacement building; or
      3. There is evidence that the facilities are required in conjunction with a particular countryside attraction;
    2. And:
      1. The scale, design and use of the proposal is compatible with its wider landscape or townscape setting and would not detract from the character or appearance of the area; and
      2. It would not be detrimental to the amenities of residential areas; and
      3. The proposals are served by adequate access and infrastructure; and
      4. The site has access to local services and employment.


11.28 The National Planning Policy Framework states that Local Plans should 'support sustainable rural tourism and leisure developments that benefit businesses in rural areas, communities and visitors, and which respect the character of the countryside'.

11.29 The National Planning Policy Framework supports this agenda through a range of policy directives to support:

11.30 Together these policies underpin the Cheshire East approach to sustainable tourism and our ambition is to maximise its contribution to the economy, employment and quality of life in Cheshire East.

11.31 The visitor economy covers a wide range of activities across a variety of themes and locations in Cheshire East. Attractions such as Tatton Park, Jodrell Bank and Little Moreton Hall may be considered visitor destinations in their own right; leisure based visits might cross the borough over a variety of canal, cycle or public footpath networks; and culture and recreational activities may take visitors to parks and gardens, market towns, and festivals across the borough.

11.32 Visits to and within the borough generate economic activity and support jobs and industries. By maintaining and improving infrastructure associated with the visitor economy, including green infrastructure and improvements to the rights of way network, communities are better able to access active leisure opportunities and participate in the cultural and social life of the borough.

11.33 Enabling residents and visitors to access, understand and engage with the heritage, landscape and cultural assets of the borough promotes a sense of place and pride in communities that alongside an attractive cultural, recreational and leisure offer, can be effective in attracting highly skilled individuals and businesses to locate in the area and may contribute to long term prosperity, regeneration and support for services.

11.34 Whilst it is important to support our visitor economy, it is also important to protect those assets that make the borough attractive to visitors including landscape, public realm and heritage. In particular, it is important to minimise the impact generated by tourism travel.

11.35 Planning has a key role to play in enabling and encouraging more of our 10.3 million day visitors to stay longer and spend more by:

Key Evidence

  1. Cheshire East Visitor Economy Strategy
  2. Government Tourism Policy
  3. Cheshire East Sustainable Communities Strategy
  4. Cheshire East Economic Development Strategy
  5. Cheshire East Local Economic Assessment
  6. Cheshire East Local Transport Plan

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