Policy EG 1: Economic Prosperity

  1. Proposals for employment development (Use Classes B1, B2 or B8) will be supported in principle within the Principal Towns, Key Service Centres and Local Service Centres as well as on employment land allocated in the Development Plan.
  2. Proposals for employment development on non-allocated employment sites will be supported where they are in the right location and support the strategy, role and function of the town, as identified in Settlement Hierarchy, Spatial Distribution of Development and in any future plans, including Neighbourhood Plans, where applicable.


11.16 The National Planning Policy Framework states that "to help achieve economic growth, local planning authorities should plan proactively to meet the development needs of business and support an economy fit for the 21st Century".

11.17 Cheshire East's employment policy seeks to encourage growth in the borough and secure a greater number of jobs for its resident workforce. The Cheshire East Local Plan will be focused on delivering growth, including ensuring that there is an appropriate balance between jobs, services and facilities and homes, creating a more sustainable pattern of development in the borough.

11.18 Policy EG 1 supports the delivery of opportunities for the provision of employment land that may come forward in the Principal Towns, Key Service Centres and Local Service Centres, in addition to the employment land that is allocated in the Local Plan Strategy. This policy will contribute to the achievement of the strategic objective to promote economic prosperity by creating conditions for business growth. The potential for employment growth in the visitor economy is dealt with in Policy EG 4 'Tourism'.

Key Evidence

  1. Employment Land Review
  2. Employment Monitoring

Policy information


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