What waste goes where

Leave it loose in your silver recycling bin

It is easier to sort recycled items if they are left loose. Recycled materials inside other items such as plastic bags, boxes or tubs will not be collected. Further information about 'Leave it Loose' (PDF, 4MB).

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Item Solutions
empty, without lids
Silver recycling bin
containing hazardous liquids or gases e.g. paint sprays
Black household waste bin
Asbestos (bonded) Special skips for small quantities of bonded asbestos waste at the Pyms Lane (Crewe) and Danes Moss (Macclesfield) centres. You should telephone the site before you visit to check available capacity and report to the attendant when you arrive. More information about asbestos.
Batteries Car and household batteries can be taken to your nearest household waste and recycling centre.
Bric-a-brac General reusable items can be taken to your nearest household waste and recycling centre.
Brita water filters You are able to return them to BRITA to be recycled. Visit the BRITA website, search your postcode and you will find the stores near you where you can take the filters to be returned to the supplier.
Bubble wrap Black household waste bin
Calor camping gaz containers We cannot accept the canisters in the Silver recycling bin due to explosive risk. Find your nearest camping gaz outlet and more information on exchange and disposal
food, drink, biscuit and sweet tins – rinsed with labels and lids left on
Silver recycling bin
Cards and wrapping paper
that contain glitter
Black household waste bin
including egg boxes, kitchen/toilet rolls, corrugated/thick cardboard and cereal/ready meal boxes
Silver recycling bin
(flatten and remove tape)
Carpet Your nearest household waste and recycling centre
including juice, milk, smoothie and fabric conditioner
Silver recycling bin
CDs CDs cannot be recycled as they are made from a different plastic that is not recognised by the sorting facility. However, if they are commercially made, please take them to your nearest charity shop
such as mugs, vases and crockery
Black household waste bin
Chocolate wrappers Black household waste bin
Cling film Black household waste bin
Crisp packets Black household waste bin
Disposable nappies
The benefits of using real nappies
Black household waste bin
Drinking glasses Black household waste bin - the glass has a different melting point to glass bottles and jars, so cannot be recycled through the Silver recycling bin scheme
Flowers (cut) Green garden bin
and cleaned foil/aluminium trays
Silver recycling bin
Food waste Black household waste bin
Fridges and freezers Your nearest household waste and recycling centre
Fruit or vegetable punnets Silver recycling bin
Gas cylinders Gas cylinders cannot be accepted as they are the property of the gas company and should be returned to the supplier.
Glass bottles and jars
rinsed, lids can be left on
Silver recycling bin
Grass cuttings
Lawn mowings/edgings
Green garden bin
Green garden waste Brown/Green bin
Hard plastics Black household waste bin
Hedge clippings Green garden bin
Leaves Green garden bin
Light bulbs Low energy bulbs and fluorescent tubes can be taken to your Household Waste Recycling Centre. Old style filament light bulbs should go in the black (general waste) bin
Mattresses Beds, mattresses and soft furnishings can be taken to your nearest household waste and recycling centre.
Metal lids Silver recycling bin
Needles and syringes Should never be put in your recycling bin, household waste bin or any other refuse bin. Arrangements for disposing of needles and syringes in sharps bin containers vary from area to area. You may be able to return it to your GP surgery or local pharmacy. For more information contact your NHS trust.
Engine oil This should be put in a sealed container and taken to the recycling centre
Cooking oil
vegetable/cooking oil
Small amounts should be put in a sealed container then it can be put in the black bin.
Paint Your nearest household waste and recycling centre
Paper and envelopes
including newspaper, magazines, telephone directories, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, junk mail and greeting cards
Silver recycling bin or nearest household waste and recycling centre
Pet litter/Animal bedding Black household waste bin
Photographs As photos have a plastic film covering, they cannot be recycled and would 'contaminate' the paper recycling. These should be disposed of in the black refuse bin.
Polystyrene Black household waste bin
Plants from hanging baskets and planters
(without soil)
Green garden bin
Plants, twigs and small branches
(without soil)
Green garden bin
from small DIY projects
Only accepted at Danes Moss, Macclesfield and Pyms Lane Crewe. From 15 January 2018 there will be a small charge for plasterboard. You must remove anything attached to the plasterboard for example tiles and insulation. We recommend that you hire a skip for larger scale projects.
Plastic bags and polythene
plastic bags must be empty
Silver recycling bin
Plastic drink bottles Silver recycling bin
Plastic cleaning bottles
including fabric conditioner, detergent and bleach
Silver recycling bin
Plastic plant pots These are made from a rigid plastic and are not accepted by the sorting facility, they should be put in the black household waste bin or taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.
Plastic toiletry bottles
including shampoo
Silver recycling bin
Plastic yoghurt pots
ice cream and margarine tubs
Silver recycling bin
Plastic toys Children's plastic toys and CD's can be reused through charity shops
Plastic trays
including meat, fish and cake trays
Silver recycling bin
Rubble Your nearest household waste and recycling centre. Please note this is for small DIY projects only and from 15 January 2018 there will be a small charge for rubble, hard core, ceramics and plaster. For larger scale projects it is recommended that you hire a skip.
Scrap metal Your nearest household waste and recycling centre
Shredded paper Either the Silver recycling bin (it must be loose and only a small quantity) or bagged in the black household waste bin
Small domestic appliances
for example hair straighteners, kettles, shavers, mobile phones, drills, power tools, phones
Your nearest household waste and recycling centre
Soup or sauce pots Silver recycling bin
Tea bags/Coffee grounds Black household waste bin
These can also be composted
Televisions and computer monitors Your nearest household waste and recycling centre
Textiles, clothing and shoes As your recyclables are mixed together, we cannot collect textiles as they would be damaged. Please take them to a local charity shop, textile bank or Household Waste Recycling Centre. Duvets, pillows and cushion pads should not be put in the textile banks.
Toothpaste tubes or dispensers Toothpaste tubes and dispensers may still contain small amounts of toothpaste, so are not recyclable due to contamination. Please put the tubes or dispensers in the black household waste bin.
Tree bark Green garden bin
Tyres Tyres cannot be accepted at Household waste and recycling centres. To find out how to dispose of tyres in your local area, type ‘how to dispose of tyres’ into any search engine or search a phonebook/yellow pages.
Video tapes Video tapes are also not recyclable through the Silver recycling bin scheme as the tape can wrap around the equipment, which occasionally causes the sorting facility to close down while the tape is cut and disposed of.
Wax or waxed packaging Black household waste bin
Waxed paper coffee/tea cups Silver recycling bin
Weeds Green garden bin
Windfall from fruit trees Green garden bin
Wood Your nearest household waste and recycling centre
Wrapping paper
(without glitter)
Silver recycling bin