What happens to your recycling and rubbish

Where your recycling goes

Your collected recycling is taken to UPM's Materials Recovery Facility at Shotton for sorting. It's easier to sort items that have been left loose.

How the UPM facility works

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Where your non-recyclable material goes

Energy from Waste

The materials that cannot be recycled are processed at Energy from Waste facilities and used to create electricity which goes in to the National Grid.

Closed landfill sites

When landfill sites become full they are closed and can be restored for use as public amenities with controlled access. They can also be released for agricultural use, subject to close environmental control and monitoring for safety.

We have a responsibility for maintaining 6 closed sites:

  • Brownlow Quarry (Congleton)
  • Croxton Lane (Middlewich)
  • Hassall Road (Alsager)
  • Lowerhouse (Bollington)
  • Newgate (Wilmslow)
  • Pyms Lane (Crewe)

Hassall Road Alsager

This closed landfill site is a designated area supporting nature conservancy with controlled public access. Ecological and scientific studies take place here due to the recognised biological importance.

For further guidance on restoring landfill sites see: