Rubble charges

What you will be charged for

You will be charged for all non-household items being deposited in the rubble skip following repairs and improvements to your domestic property. This includes rubble, hard core, soil, ceramics, glass and plaster.

You will not be charged to dispose of household items such as crockery, fish tanks, garden gnomes, or cement bonded asbestos (accepted at Crewe and Macclesfield only).

How much you will need to pay

Prices are per bag, individual item or sheet as below:

Rubble charges
Type of WasteVolume / SizeMaximum sizeCharge
Hardcore/rubble/soil/ceramics/glass Per bag 820mm x 535mm £3.70
Hardcore/rubble/ceramics/glass Per item Per single item £3.70
Plasterboard Per bag 820mm x 535mm £3.70
Plasterboard Per sheet 180cm x 90cm £3.70

The Duty Manager will advise to the cost of the items / bags being deposited. Where material is not bagged the Duty Manager will estimate the quantity to be charged. The site manager has the final say on the total cost to be charged.

If one item has broken into identifiable pieces, e.g. a shower tray is broken in two we would consider it to be a single item with one £3.70 charge.

All prices include VAT and are subject to annual review.

How to pay

You can pay by contactless credit or debit card only whilst on site before disposing of your waste. Cash and cheques will not be accepted.

If payment cannot be made before the waste is deposited, you will be unable to use the services and will be asked to leave the site.

Receipts for payment will be provided.

Why we are charging

Cheshire East Council has a statutory duty to accept household waste free of charge. Waste created from home improvements, repairs and alterations to your home or domestic property is not classed as household waste and we have no legal duty to accept it. We want to keep this disposal route available to residents and feel that the fairest way to manage this waste is to make a small charge for users of the service.

Councillors decided to introduce charges following a borough wide public consultation from November 2016 – January 2017.

The scheme allows you to continue to dispose of materials for which you may otherwise need to hire a skip or source another outlet.

Page last reviewed: 21 March 2022