Life with less plastic

For tips on life with less plastic, check out the fantastic ‘Waste a Minute series’ on Ansa Environmental Services’ communities page.

Cheshire East Council has made a significant commitment to reduce the impact of single-use plastic - and is urging you to do the same.

If you are passionate about waste reduction, we will get you connected with like-minded people and team up with our own waste reduction volunteers to make a real contribution to this huge modern problem.

Why not let us know what you are doing to cut out single use plastic by joining the conversation online at #lifewithlessplastic. Or if you would like to meet like-minded people with a passion for reducing the use of plastic, join our waste volunteers.

To help make this more manageable, through our wholly-owned waste and recycling company Ansa, we have produced a community toolkit (PDF, 1MB) to give people handy tips on how they can make a difference. 

The campaign is called ‘Life with less plastic’ and is open to anyone to get involved. There are so many ways that the community can reduce their reliance on single use plastic but here are some of the easy wins to get you started:

  • the UK uses 8.5 billion plastic straws a year – stop using them and use environmentally-friendly alternatives such as steel and glass straws instead
  • invest in canvas or cotton bags for your shopping and keep them handy
  • use a razor with replaceable blades rather than a disposable one
  • carry your own drink container with you and refill instead of purchasing new bottled water
  • rather than using water contained in single use plastic, use refillable drinking water on the go

Page last reviewed: 24 September 2020