Garden waste collection

We collect garden waste from domestic properties.

Only the following garden waste materials can be put in your garden bin:

  • grass cuttings, lawn edgings and weeds
  • bark
  • twigs and small branches
  • plants
  • leaves
  • hedge clippings
  • cut flowers
  • windfalls from fruit trees

You must not put non-garden waste in your garden bin, including

  • meat, cooking fat, oil, wax or waxed packaging (milk or juice cartons) foil
  • fruit, salad, vegetable peelings etc.
  • tea bags, tea, coffee grounds and filters
  • egg shells, stale bread and crusts
  • soil, stone, rubble or large amounts of turf
  • any type of animal waste or bedding
  • paper, plastic, glass, metals, leather, plant pots/containers, porcelain, plaster, disposable nappies, ash, vacuum cleaner contents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, batteries, dyestuffs, textiles, household or garden chemicals, feathers, untreated sawdust, wood shavings and straw.

This is not an exhaustive list. You can see where to dispose of waste on our what waste goes where page.

If any non-garden waste items are found in a garden bin it will be deemed contaminated. A contaminated bin will not be emptied. You must remove all contamination before the next scheduled collection.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we may also be unable to carry out your scheduled collection.

We will be suspending garden waste collections for two weeks during the festive period – between Monday 23 December and Friday 3 January inclusive.

Additional garden waste bins

For an annual payment of £52 we will empty an additional garden waste bin on the same day as your first garden bin. Your bins should be put out for collection by 7am on your bin collection day.

Annual payment for additional garden bins is due for renewal in July and August. If you have an additional garden bin, you should receive your renewal letter soon. You can make your payment online when you submit your form (or if this is not possible for you, over the phone). Please wait until you have received your renewal letter before you make payment.

The payment covers the period 1 August – 31 July each year. This includes the potential suspension of garden waste collection over the Christmas and New Year period. You can pay online as part of the form.  

  • No concession is given for joining part way through the scheme
  • No refund is given if you withdraw from the scheme
  • We must receive payment before we deliver an additional garden bin.
  • The garden bin remains the property of Cheshire East Council.
  • You should identify your bin and maintain it in good condition.
  • The service is not transferable from one resident to another.
  • We offer the service to domestic premises only. Commercial premises are excluded from this scheme. 
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the service at any time.
  • The Council reserves the right to reclaim the additional garden bin from the property if an annual payment is not made in a timely manner or the service is cancelled by the customer. The customer will leave the bin accessible on the property so the Council can reclaim the bin at their convenience. 
Renew and pay your additional garden bin collection Request an additional garden bin

Submitting this form will mean we deliver an additional garden bin.

Alternatively, you could consider home composting.

Waste and recycling is now provided by Ansa - a company owned by Cheshire East Council