Ordering new and replacement bins 

Covid-19 update. Due to the current pressure on the waste collection service we are temporarily suspending bin deliveries, both for replacement bins and for new properties.

If you do not have bins, please take the following action:

  • Black bin (non-recyclable) - Place your waste out on your collection day in tied black bags
  • Silver bin (recycling) – Place your recycling out on your collection day in a clear sack
  • Brown/green (garden/food) – Do not place any garden/food waste out (please continue to use your black bin for food waste)

Size and price of bins

These measurements are approximate and may differ slightly.

  • All 240 litre bins  - standard size, height 106 cm,  width 59cm, depth 74cm
  • All 140 litre bins - smaller bin , height 106cm, width 49cm, depth 56cm
  • All 360 litre bins - large bin, height 109cm, width 62 cm, depth 89cm
    The large bin is only available for household waste that cannot be recycled and when residents meet the criteria for needing a larger bin.

Three sizes of bins

You can request a bin for recycling, garden waste or household waste:

  • a different size of bin to suit your needs
  • a bin if you don't have one in the property you occupy
  • a bin to be removed

You can report

  • a damaged bin
  • a lost or stolen bin

You can pay for your bins in the form. You will need your debit or credit card details.

When charges for bins apply

You are responsible for keeping the bin in good condition to ensure minimal wear and tear and if your bin is damaged during normal use you will be required to pay for a replacement bin. You will not be charged if we have damaged the bin during collection as the crew will make a note of the cause of the damage.

When a bin is lost or stolen

We will replace a lost or stolen bin free of charge, but we will charge you for any further requests for replacement bins in the next three years. We encourage you to return your bins to your property at the earliest opportunity after the collection. We emboss all new bins with the delivery address to make your bins easier to identify. Embossing is located on the corner lip of the bin, next to the lid.

All collection crews should return bins after emptying to the place the bin was collected from or to a safe place. All new bins have the address of the resident embossed on it so they can be easily identified. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bins are removed from the kerbside as soon as possible after they have been emptied to reduce the number of bins that are lost or stolen.

The charge for new or replacement bins is non-refundable. If your old bin turns up after you have paid for a replacement we will deliver your new bin and remove your old one.

Missing bins from a new address

You will need to pay for bins if there are no bins or missing bins at your new address when you move home.

We will not deliver bins to empty properties.  You should only order a bin when you have told the Council Tax team that you have moved into the property.

Help for residents who are on benefits

We will apply a 25% concession if you are in receipt of qualifying benefits and we may seek proof of entitlement.

Paying for bins

Payment will be accepted through our automated online payment scheme. If you are unable to pay online or need assistance call the contact centre. Payment is required before delivery of the new or replacement bins can be arranged.

The charge for new or replacement bins is non-refundable. 

None payment for bins

Bins will not be delivered where a resident refuses to pay. On a wheeled bin collection rounds bags of waste cannot be collected as all waste should be presented in a bin.  You can dispose of your waste at one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres if you do not wish to pay the charge for a new or replacement bin.

Delivery of bins

Your new bins will be delivered within 20 working days. In most cases we will supply you with a brand new bin. Once you have ordered your bin you will be advised what to do with your waste in the interim.

You cannot choose the bin delivery date but we will tell you when we have delivered your bin.

New and replacement bins will usually be embossed prior to delivery with the resident’s address on them. The bins will be left at the front of the property and a digital notification sent out by your preferred method – email or text.

We will not deliver bins to empty properties.  You should only order a bin when you have told the Council Tax team that you have moved into the property.

Wheelie bins are available by delivery only. Residents are not permitted to collect wheelie bins from the depot for operational and health and safety reasons.