Underwood West Academy - proposal to extend the age range

In accordance with the DfE guidance "Making significant changes to an open academy" a statutory consultation is not required regarding this proposal change. However, the trust and the local authority are undertaking an informal consultation regarding the proposal with all interested parties before a final decision is taken by the academy trust. 

On 27 October the Council were advised by Reach for the Stars Limited that they would be closing the nursery on 4 November 2022 and ceasing to trade. The Local Authority are supporting individual families to secure alternative Early Education and childcare provision. Stay and play sessions will be offered in the childrens centres to support families in the interim, particularly the most vulnerable families. 

If the proposal goes ahead, Underwood West Academy will change their age range from 4-11 to age 2-11 to take effect from 27 February 2023. The proposed number of admissions into the nursery will be consistent with the current admissions of no more than 2 pupils in each of the 3 age groups (2, 3 and 4 year olds)

14 December- consultation closed 

All the feedback will be collated, and forwarded to the academy trust for them to make a decision on the proposal. 


Page last reviewed: 10 November 2022