Sandbach Secondary Schools

The Local Authority has a statutory duty to provide sufficient school places for children resident in its area. An analysis of the latest pupil forecasts has identified the need to provide an additional 300 secondary school places in Sandbach in response to increasing pupil population from housing developments. Following discussions with the Local Authority, the Academy Trusts at Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College and Sandbach School have considered the need for extra school places in the area and have agreed to publish expansion proposals.

The proposal is to expand by schools by 150 places each for years 7-11.Further information regarding the rationale for expansion can be found in the consultation document.

25 October 2018 - Consultation closed.

Consultation on the proposed expansion of the secondary schools in Sandbach has now closed. The governing bodies have met and considered the feedback and are proceeding with the proposal. Both schools have being granted permission to expand by the Regional Schools Commission. 

Sandbach School have been granted planning permission and the project is progressing with a proposed implementation date of  September 2020.