Sandbach Primary Academy - proposal to permanently expand

Sandbach Primary Academy would normally admit 15 children into reception class in September of each year. Due to the exceptional demand in the locality, the school has agreed to admit over this number for September 2023, with the expectation that this demand will continue for subsequent years.

Due to significant housing developments creating the need for additional places as well as the current basic need for more pupil places as evidenced by the Local Authority, the proposal is the permanently expand the school from a half form entry to a full one form entry.

If the proposal goes ahead, this will mean that the school would increase its Published Admission Number (PAN) from 15 to 30 children per year and overall capacity from 105 places to 210 places for Reception to Year 6. The school has the capacity to accommodate the extra class for one academic year, meaning that construction will have to take place to enlarge the school ready for September 2024. This construction will create more teaching space and add new facilities to the school.

17 July- consultation closed

All feedback will be collated and reported back to the board of the Aspire Educational Trust and Sandbach Primary Academy. They will decide on whether to go ahead with the expansion upon the feedback and the pressure of primary places in the area. In addition, the Local Authority will consider the feedback received to approve the funding of the proposal.

Page last reviewed: 13 June 2023