Puss Bank School and Nursery - resource provision

There is a growing need across Cheshire East for more specialist resource provision places and currently due to the lack of places some children are being educated in schools outside of Cheshire East. This lack of provision means that children are spending time travelling to and from school at a significant cost to the local authority.

The council have completed a sufficiency review of its special educational needs provision across the local authority. It has identified that there is a need within the Macclesfield area to provide at least a further 23 places in specialist resource provision for children with a primary need of ASC .

The academy trust for Puss Bank School and Nursery are seeking to support the Local Authority in meeting its statutory duty to provide these school places by proposing the expansion of their current  ASC provision from 7 to 14 places for implementation January 2020.

For further information regarding the proposal please read the consultation document (PDF,299KB)

6 January 2020

The school are awaiting a decision on the proposed expansion from the Regional Schools Commissioner and consequently the proposed Implementation date of January 2020 will be delayed. 

19 December 2018 - Consultation Closed

Consultation on the proposed expansion of the ASC Resource Provision at Puss Bank School and Nursery has now closed.