Poynton High School - disposal of playing field land

Poynton High School is proposing for an artificial turf pitch to be constructed on its site to improve its sporting facilities for its pupils. The Cheshire East Playing Pitch Strategy has identified the need for an artificial pitch in the Poynton locality and this facility would be available for community use outside of the school day.

There are currently insufficient funds to deliver this project and therefore consideration is being given to a disposal of playing field land. This will offer the funding stream for the delivery of this project.

Any playing field disposal on a school site requires approval by the Secretary of State under Section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998. Section 77 requires that any proceeds from the disposal of playing field land are reinvested into capital facilities for sport (which will take priority), recreation or education facilities. 

As part of the Section 77 application process the Secretary of State requires that a period of consultation is undertaken prior to any submission. The period of consultation is 6 weeks and in accordance with the legislation the Council is seeking the views of the community over this proposal.

Please note the submission of this application to the Secretary of State for Education does not constitute a formal decision by Cheshire East Council to dispose of any land at Poynton High School

6 March 2020 - consultation closed

Feedback received during the consultation period will be considered by senior management. If the decision is to go ahead with the proposal a Section 77 application will be made to the Secretary of State.

A decision as to whether to ultimately proceed with a disposal will be made by the Council at a later date.