Bexton Primary School- Proposed Resource Provision Expansion

Bexton School & Nursery is part of Cheshire Academies Trust, a multi academy trust and is located at Blackhill Lane in Knutsford. The school comprises of a nursery taking children from age 2 and admits up to 60 children into the receptions class in September of each year. Currently the school educates a number of children with a variety of special educational needs, including 7 children within the resource provision for children with complex needs. 

The school have a proven track record of successfully working with children with complex needs and feel that they have the capacity to expand this provision to 10 children. The school are of the view that the current specialist rooms can accommodate an extra three places and that this will not impact on the ability for the pupils in the RP provision to access mainstream classes each day. 

If the proposal goes ahead a further 3 places will be offered to children with a complex learning need across Reception, KS1 and KS2 who have an EHCP and the resource provision at Bexton School & Nursery is named as their preferred provision. The allocation of a place in the resources provision will be decided by the local authority SEN panel in consultation with the school. 

25 March- Consultation closed 

Consultation on the proposed expansion of Bexton Primary School Resource Provision has now closed. All the feedback will be collated and reported back to the board of directors at the school. 

They will make a decision on whether to go ahead with the expansion based upon the feedback and the pressure of places in the area. If a decision to expand is taken, the school will submit either a Fast Track Application or a Full Business Case to the Regional Schools Commissioner. 

The Local Authority will also consider all feedback received in order that a decision can be taken on whether to approve the funding of the proposed expansion.