Governor Training

Spring 2021 Governor Training Programme

The Spring 2021 governor training programme is now available on Governor Hub.

Modern governor access

Access to Modern Governor for governors of subscribing schools is now via GovernorHub

National governors' association self-evaluation tool

In conjunction with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Governance the NGA has produced a new self-evaluation tool - Twenty Key Questions for Governing Bodies, which is available to download from their webpages.

Revisions to the Ofsted Framework for September 2015

The New School Inspection Handbook (August 2016) can be downloaded from the Ofsted website.

The Governance Handbook

The DfE Governance Handbook  (republished October 2020).

External reviews of governance: a guide for schools

It is Good practice for all Governing Boards to undertake a regular self evaluation. Ofsted may include this recommendation in their report following inspection. Therefore Boards should consider undertaking external reviews in advance of inspection. Government Guidance on ERG is available here; External Reviews of Governance. Your Governance team are able to suggest appropriate reviewers if required.

List of statutory policies

The Department of Education publishes a list of the statutory policies (September 2014) for schools. The document makes clear how often each policy must be reviewed and also shows the level of approval required, where this is prescribed in regulations.

The document outlines the policies and other documents governing boards are legally required to hold.

There are instances where statutory guidance states that policies and procedures should be in place. Although this is not the same as a legal requirement, the list makes clear the policies referenced in statutory guidance.

The DfE will continue to review these requirements and look to simplify the legal obligations on schools wherever possible. 

Parent view toolkit

Ofsted's Parent View Toolkit (Updated February 2016) explains key facts about Parent View and contains materials that can be adapted and used by schools to raise awareness of Parent View to parents. 

Pupil Premium: funding and accountability for schools

How much pupil premium funding schools and non-mainstream settings receive, how they should spend it and how we hold them to account.

Academies Benchmark Report 2016

The Academies Benchmark Report 2016 is the survey of more than 500 Academy schools, conducted by the UK Academies Group of Kreston International – the global network of independent accountancy firms.

Resources for schools considering the change to academy

All schools subscribing to the Cheshire East Governance Service have free Gold Membership access to the wealth of information and guidance the NGA provides on changes to governance.

Data view

Comprehensive data analysis page provided by Ofsted shows the Ofsted inspection data in simple graphs that make the data quickly and easily accessible. You can compare and contrast performance in inspections over time between regions, local authority areas and parliamentary constituencies.