Model policies, documents and guidance

The following guidance documents, model documents and policies have been provided for schools. Policies and model documents have been fully consulted on and are recommended to schools for adoption with or without amendment.

Guidance documents

Model policies/procedures recommended for adoption

Governor role descriptions 

Other useful documents

Finance documents

 Local Authorities are required to publish their Schemes for Financing Schools, setting out the financial relationship between the Local Authority and the schools they maintain.

Any amendments to schemes must be consulted on with all schools and be approved by the Schools Forum. The scheme detail is effective from 12 June 2015.

The document should be referred to by school staff, and Governors may find it useful to refer to periodically. This document is often referred to during finance training.

This is a handbook for use by school staff to help them to understand coding, Consistent Financial Reporting and other funding such as pupil premium and capital grants. 

Governors may find this handbook useful and help them to understand the school’s budget.

This document is often referred to during finance training.